Omega Life Membership Foundation supports Omega Psi Phi Fraternity’s Internationally-
mandated programs, and engages corporate organizations to endorse our charitable mission.

Charitable Giving Campaign

We are pleased to offer this opportunity for Life Members to participate in this philanthropic effort to increase the endowment growth of the OLMF. Life Membership medallion with lanyard, Life Membership lapel pin, Life Membership cufflinks (purple or gold cufflinks). We are pleased to offer this opportunity for Life Members to parƟcipate in this philanthropic effort to increase the endowment growth of the OLM FoundaƟon and receive any of these symbols for their support of the organizaƟon.

Academic Programs

Achievement Week

Achievement Week is designed to recognize those individuals at the local and international levels who have contributed to community uplift. During Achievement Week, a high school Essay Contest is held. The contest is open to all college-bound high school seniors. College scholarships are awarded to the winners, each of whom must submit an essay on a theme/topic chosen by the Fraternity. In addition, several other community service activities are held, and members of the fraternity and community leaders are recognized for their efforts throughout the year.

Achievement Week coincides with the fraternity’s founding on November 17th. It was initiated as a response to a call to action by fraternity member Dr. Carter G. Woodson and is the forerunner to Black History Month.

College Endowment

During College Endowment Week, the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity reaffirms its steadfast commitment to philanthropy and the empowerment of historically black colleges and universities. Year after year, the fraternity allocates a minimum of $50,000 towards these institutions, investing in education and the future of aspiring scholars. In a remarkable gesture of recognition and celebration, Howard University was recently bestowed with a remarkable gift of $250,000, commemorating the centennial anniversary of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. This generous contribution not only reflects the fraternity’s deep-rooted dedication to educational excellence but also highlights the enduring legacy of support and inspiration that Omega continues to provide to the academic community.


The Scholarship Program is intended to promote academic excellence among the undergraduate members. Graduate chapters are expected to provide financial assistance to student members and non-members. Undergraduate chapters also participate fully with this initiative.

Talent Hunt Program
This program provides exposure, encouragement and financial assistance to talented young people who are interested in participating in the Performing Arts. Winners of the competition are awarded recognition for their talents, including college scholarships that will allow them to develop their talents.

Lightner Leadership


The Lightner family and civic leaders proudly establishes this initiative to provide leadership development programs that will have a positive impact on youth throughout the region. By working with foundations, corporations, government entities, faith organizations, neighborhood leaders and schools the Lightner YMCA Program will help stimulate an active multiracial cadre of young people to strive for excellence in educational pursuits and encourage them develop leadership skills to help solve problems and disparities in communities throughout the Triangle. This becomes the true living legacy of Clarence Lightner.

Mentorship Programs


Is a yearlong, national leadership development program sponsored by Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc and the General Electric Company. This model focuses on African-American collegiate Omega Men majoring in: Mathematics, Science, Engineering & Technology, Computer Science, and Business (Finance, Management, Marketing). Omega4Life is designed to develop a pool of outstanding African-American male collegiate leaders for the company and the country.Omega4Life participants are chosen from applicants who have a 3.2 and higher grade point average (on a 4.0 scale), who are active members of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., and who have Sophomore, Junior or Senior class standing.The selected Omega4Life participants will:

  • engage in a variety of activities, experiences, and interactions that will significantly increase their leadership skills,
  • be paired with a mentor, who will guide them with career development,
  • be provided with an opportunity to meet and network with outstanding African-American business leaders in their fields of study,
  • potentially be provided with an internship,
  • learn how to be successful in their particular academic fields,
  • increase their employment opportunities with GE upon graduation from college,
  • and enhance their chances of achieving distinction in their particular professional fields.


Every district and chapter of the fraternity is required to maintain a Life Membership at Large in the NAACP. All members of the fraternity are encouraged to join the NAACP.

Reclamation & Retention

A concerted effort at the international, district and local levels to retain active members and return qualifying inactive members to full participatory status so they may enjoy the full benefits of Fraternity membership.

Memorial Service

March 12th of each year has been established as Memorial Day. Chapters are expected to conduct an appropriate service to recall the memory of those members who have recently passed away.

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