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Cleft of the Rock: The Perfect Place for Imperfect People Pursuing Purpose

Since its founding in 2016 by a group of eight dedicated African American professionals, Cleft of the Rock has emerged as a beacon of hope and support within the community. Operating as a 501c3 organization, our mission is driven by a commitment to bridge the gap to resources for the underserved, addressing the unique challenges faced by our community with unwavering dedication.

At the heart of Cleft of the Rock’s mission lies a profound commitment to empowering and uplifting the community we proudly call home. We operate with a multifaceted approach, recognizing the diverse needs that exist within our community. Through a range of impactful initiatives, we seek to bridge gaps, provide essential resources, and cultivate an environment where every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

Jessie Trice Community Health System, Inc

Jessie Trice Community Health System, Inc (JTCHS) is one of Miami-Dade County’s preeminent federally qualified community healthcare centers, governed by a remarkably dedicated board of directors and a diverse, incredibly talented, committed family of providers and staff. Eligible accessible “medical homes” in central and northern parts of the county (Liberty City, Overtown, Hialeah, Opa-Locka, and Miami Gardens) make it easy for residents to visit one of eleven (11) comprehensive primary care sites. Our forty school-based health locations bring parents peace of mind knowing that should an emergency arise during the workday their child has immediate access to a qualified medical professional.

Quality of Life Inc.

Quality of Life Inc. allocates funds to serve, assist, develop, and grow the local community and its surroundings by providing services and programs such as Mental Health Services, Mentoring (school-based, evidenced-based, individual, and group), Life Skill’s Coaching, Workforce Development, Truancy Prevention, and more, for both youth and their families. QLI’s unique focus on gun violence reduction efforts is essential for the safety, prosperity, and growth of our community. QLI hosts and facilitates numerous events during the year to assist our community with items as school supplies, hygiene items, food, water, and shelter. QLI reinvests in our youth by providing scholarships annually to high school seniors enrolling in secondary education. QLI facilitates mental health services throughout our community in various schools and community hubs such as Boys & Girls clubs and Community Centers to assist youth with becoming more self-sufficient to ensure their years are spent flourishing in the communities. QLI also assists and educates parents with tools, education, and resources to assist with removing barriers faced by their at-risk children to preserve the family unit.

Quality of Life Inc.

Young Man with a Plan (YMWAP) seeks funding to launch a Wellness through Arts project. YMWAP is a thriving BIPOC-led organization delivering holistic mentoring that helps 200+ young Black men aged 14-24 in Boston make academic and social emotional gains and access sustainable futures. We achieve this through research-informed strategies of connecting youth to caring adults; strengthening youth academic, social emotional, critical thinking, and financial literacy skills; individualized success planning; quality partnerships; and creating a protective community. Each school we serve has a school-based mentor, who along with YMWAP staff, support young men who receive 3+ hours of weekly in and out of school mentoring and coaching.

To grow, preserve, and prudently manage financial resources for
education, leadership development and charitable programs.
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