Apply for Grants

Apply for Grants

The Omega Life Membership Foundation, Inc. (Foundation), which was established 38 years ago, has faithfully been fully engaged in and committed to philanthropy throughout all of its years of existence. It remains the intention of the OLMF to continue on this path and be a force for good and growth in the years to come.

The IMPACT FUND is the first initiative promulgated by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. It has been designed as a “Donor Advised Fund”, which means that the designee of the grant will be decided by the majority vote of the Foundation membership. In essence, the Members of the Foundation will, on an annual basis, select and direct a significant grant amount to a worthy nonprofit organization and/or endeavor of Foundation membership’s choosing.

The focus of the 2023 IMPACT FUND grant will be in the area of social justice. The five main principles of social justice are access to resources, equity, participation, diversity and human rights. The 2023 IMPACT FUND grant will be awarded to the nominated nonprofit organization that best exemplifies, in the eyes of the Foundation membership, social justice which focuses on the participation, access, and opportunity of voting rights in the African American community. We must do everything we can to ensure there is access and opportunity to participate in the democratic process, especially as we approach the 2024 Presidential election. Your organization must strive to work towards decreasing inequalities that lead to voter suppression, especially in communities of color and young people. In addition, your organization should be promoting voter participation by educating others on their right to vote. You must carry out your work through advocacy programs, awareness-raising campaigns and support services.

The amount of the 2023 IMPACT FUND grant will be $25,000 and will be awarded in August 2023. The 2023 IMPACT FUND grant application period will begin November 1, 2022 and ends midnight January 31, 2023. All nominations must be submitted by a Foundation Member. The IMPACT FUND Committee (IFC) will review and vet all completed applications and identify a slate of the top four (4) applications for the Foundation membership to ultimately vote on in order to select the one recipient for the grant.

It is the goal of the IMPACT FUND Committee to have the top four (4) applications available for the Foundation membership to review by March 31, 2023. Be advised that each of the four (4) finalist will be required to submit a two-minute organizational narrative video. The vote by the Foundation membership will take place at the July 2023 Annual Meeting of the Omega Life Membership Foundation, Inc.

Any questions related to the IMPACT FUND application and nomination process can be directed to the IFC Chairman OLMF Region 1 Director, Gregory D. Burnett at

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